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Fiorentina: News and Notes

201497_hp.jpgThis week has been just what the doctor ordered for the Viola: a little peace and quiet. With exhaustion seeming to set in in the second half of Sunday’s match with Inter, this club needed, more than anything else, some time to rest with the big matches coming up. Well, they got it; things seem to be quiet on the team front (it certainly is on the news front) so I just have a few tidbits today before we get back to business vs. Palermo this weekend.

First, here is a little article about Mario Santana promising to improve his form over the last few games of the season. Apparently he is going to “step it up a notch” as they say in my house. Sounds good to me.

Next, we have Adi Mutu saying that in spite of Sunday’s loss the club is “still on track” for 4th. Okay, I’m on the record as saying Sunday’s loss is no big deal, but let’s not pretend losing was part of the master plan. We got lucky in the fact that everyone else competing for 4th couldn’t buy a win. Acknowledge it and move on.

Finally, the Great Man says there will be some squad rotation between Saturday’s league match, next Thursday’s UEFA Cup clash in Glasgow, and the following weekend’s big match with Samp. He knows fatigue is a factor and doesn’t want everyone to freak out when we see different team sheets each game. Consider yourself warned.

I’ll be back later this week with the Palermo preview.