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Fiorentina: News and Notes

I have a few thoughts I would like to share about Everton, but I think today should be reserved for reflecting on yesterday’s win. If you haven’t heard (perhaps you are new to football or live in a cave) Fiorentina beat old rivals Juventus yesterday 3-2 in Turin. If the importance of the win is lost on you, please consider some of these examples of victories by “good guys” over “bad guys” from history, including the Allies defeating the Axis in World War II, the Rebellion overthrowing the Empire in Star Wars, or punk rock contributing to the fall of the disco era. It’s THAT big. Anyway, here’s what’s going around about the Viola today…

* First, here’s Coach Prandelli talking about how the team can continue to win, building on its momentum, as it now knows the Viola can beat the big boys. Good stuff here.

* Next, we have Osvaldo talking about how the win was “one of the best moments in my life.” Honestly? For a moment there it felt like that for me, too.

* Here’s Papa Waigo charmingly telling Violanews that the “Fans have touched his heart” and he loves Fiorentina. Right now the feeling is mutual, big fella.

* On a less happy note, here Prandelli tells Bobo that the big guy is going to have to “earn his place” with the way the kids are playing. I like Vieri, but I see where the Mister is coming from. Vieri is just not exuding much danger lately.

* Here are the Player Ratings from the Match.

* Even with the rough translation, this article, translated as ‘If the dream becomes life’ is very moving. And I thought I was excited about the win.

* Most importantly, here are the goals from the game. Enjoy!

More tomorrow coming on the Everton match!