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Fiorentina: News and Notes (Some of it Upsetting Me)

I don’t even know where to begin today with all the rumors and ridiculousness that is going around the internet.

First, we now have reports coming out of Florence stating that Kuzmanovic is about to extend his contract with the Viola until 2013. If true, that would kill off the Arsenal rumor. Maybe.

12262524.jpgNext, we have a little mini-feature on everybody’s favorite midfielder with a girl’s haircut, Riccardo Montolivo. He had a rough start to the season, but now that he’s back to playing halfway-decently, reporters are sticking microphones in his face and asking if he’s upset he’s not on the Azzuiri squad. He gamely answers he has eyes only for the Viola. Christ, guys, just let him play.

Meanwhile, over in Holland, the bosses of PSV are offering extra financial inducements (i.e. bonuses) to the players if they win the UEFA Cup. Regrettably, PSV needs to go through Florence to win said cup. No dice, fellas. You’re not getting your extra dough. The kids will have to make due with only one new pair of wooden shoes this year.

On another note, we are getting a little hype started for this weekend’s match. This article claims simply that it will be a good game between two contenders (I concur) while this article writes that former gaffer Giovanni Galeone says Fiorentina loses “half its strength” when Mutu is out of the lineup. Um, did anyone else see us beat Juve? Maybe I was hallucinating. Again.

Finally, here is some disgusting speculation that the Great Man is leaving after the season to coach Inter. Say it isn’t so, Cesare. Say it isn’t so.