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Fiorentina: Tidbits

201350_hp.jpgAfter digesting last night’s loss, I thought I would just shoot a few bits and pieces of news your way before we get to the Lazio preview tomorrow.

First, here is the Gazetta’s match summary of the game yesterday; since no one who wasn’t at the stadium actually saw the game, the summaries are bit hard to find. This one says the Viola actually deserved to win the match. Interesting. Also, I can’t overstate enough how cool it is to have the Gazetta in English. It’s a Godsend to English-speaking calcio fans.

Next, here is the Great Man talking about the loss yesterday. He basically says he’s proud of the team and that they did their best, but they were exhausted from their recent busy schedule, something I feared in my skimpy preview of the match. Prandelli, in typical fashion, also graciously credited Napoli with playing well and earning the win.

Finally, here is an interesting article about Viola fans imploring Bassy Frey to stay another year. This is touching in its own way. Both Frey and Mutu, to their credit, have vowed to stay another year. Many doubt this, I know, but I have a feeling if Fiorentina is in the Champions League, and Milan is not, than some of our best players might want to stick around for awhile.

Back soon with the Lazio preview.