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Fiorentina: UEFA Cup Draw

201325_hp.jpgToday in Switzerland UEFA announced the draw for the next two rounds of the UEFA Cup. (They also announced the draw for the Champions League, but who cares?) Fiorentina has a pretty manageable draw. I’m satisfied.

The Viola will be playing PSV in the next round, during the weeks of April 3 and April 10. Presuming they win, (and I am) they will then play the winners of the Rangers-Sporting tie. The winner of that tie will then play who everyone assumes will be Bayern Munich in the final.

Basically all I was hoping here was that the Viola could avoid Bayern until the final. All the teams listed here are solid clubs, but I do think Fiorentina can beat all of them. (They will need to play, however, as they did in the first leg of their Everton tie and not the second.) I am happy with this result.

How do the rest of you feel?

I will be back tonight or tomorrow with a preview of this Sunday’s Series A match.