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Fiorentina: News and Notes

white_vertical_72.jpgI am SO over yesterday’s loss. Another day, another dollar, I say. I already have the blue team from Liverpool on the brain. However, some people still want to spend a little time to reflect back on what happened, so here it is…

First, here is the great man talking about Fiorentina’s missed opportunities in yesterday’s match vs. Siena. He seems to be saying the same things I was saying in my post last night: that you’ve got to finish to win. See, me and Prandelli think alike. It’s like we share the same brain. Only he got about 90% of it. My 10% is the part that is used to think about drinking beer and watching re-runs of Arrested Development.

Related to Prandelli’s thoughts is this article that describes Giampaolo Pazzini’s apology for missing that sitter after the great move in the first half that would have put Fiorentina up 1-0. Apology accepted, big fella. Especially since you worked like a dog yesterday and were one of the most effective guys on the pitch. This is a nice, mature move by Pazzini, in all seriousness. Hard to see him doing this three months ago. Is he developing into a leader?

Finally, here is an optimistic little note regarding the Viola injury list. It states that Liverani and Semioli are both (hopefully) coming back soon, but now Papa Waigo has a muscle thing that may need time to heal. Surprisingly, however, the article is mentioning Mutu in the same breath as the Everton game.

Now, I think that is much too fast, and that the earliest we will see Adrian is this weekend, and even that is a little optimistic. However, I like that they are at least talking about him coming back. That means that he can’t be that far away. We could use his finishing, just as the Great Man seems to be saying in the first link.

See, I knew I could tie this whole thing together! Now I’m going to go drink a beer and watch Arrested Development. I’ll be back soon, however, to talk about Everton.