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''I tell the future of Fiorentina''

dellavalle-280×190.jpgWell, not really. That is actually the name of an article I found on that was translated by the always amusing Google translator. It’s an interview with Fiorentina bigwig Andrea Della Valle, and while I do not think its gives us a crystal-ball type look into the future of the team, I do believe it does give us some clues as to where team is heading, and what it would like to do. Among the more interesting points:

- Work is progressing steadily on a new physical base for the team, including training areas, offices, etc., and what would (eventually) include a new stadium. Clearly, the team is thinking here of ways of maximizing revenue.
- He discusses salary caps and insists that there will be flexibility in the future. Right now approximately 60% of turnover is used on players salaries. Della Valle says that they can go above that if it means acquiring or keeping a special player. They just can’t go over it by much.
- On that note, he discusses the intention of the club to keep Frey and Mutu beyond this season. I hope so, my man. “We’ll see,” as my Mom always said.
- He also reveals that he has received offers for Pazzini and Montolivo, among other young players, but the Fiorentina way is to find players when they are young, develop them, and then (hopefully) hang onto them.

The full article can be found here.