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Prandelli is Italy's Coach of the Year

Fiorentina boss Cesare Prandelli picked up the ‘Coach of the Year’ award in Italy today, on the strength of both his squad’s fifth place finish last season following a 15-point penalty and this year’s exciting team, which is tenuously holding onto a Champions League spot.

Prandelli is widely regarded as one of the smartest, most humane, and most decent men in the game. We were all saddened to hear that he lost his beloved wife earlier this season following a long illness, and I am personally very happy to see him win this award. We love you, Cesare.

Prandelli was typically modest as he received the award, crediting his team and dedicating it to Salvatore Garritano, a former player who is currently fighting leukemia. We wish both Salvatore and Cesare all the best.
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