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Mutu Injury News announced today that Adrian Mutu, who injured his knee yesterday during the Roma match, will be out about a month recovering from the injury. This is, as they put it, “about 7-9 matches” depending on how they do in the UEFA Cup.

The team is obviously very dependent on Mutu, so there could never be a good time for this to happen. But right now seems particularly awful, as they have important matches coming up in the league (vs. Juve this weekend, for instance) and a critical UEFA Cup tie vs. Everton. I am trying to stay positive, but Milan is pushing hard for the 4th place spot in Series A and the Everton matchup looks like a tough game that just got much tougher.

In the immediate future, the Viola have a match vs. Livorno on Wednesday that they will have to play without Vieri, Mutu, and possibly Pazzini. Gulp. I will be back with a brief preview of the match tomorrow.