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Mutu Interview and his ‘Dance’

During Sunday’s win over Catania, viewers in the US (I don’t know if the feed was the same for the rest of the world) witnessed Fiorentina forward Adrian Mutu do an amusing, hip-shaking dance (while holding the ball, mind you) as he killed time off to preserve the Viola’s 2-1 victory. People have apparently gotten all worked up over the little number, so Adrian was interviewed yesterday and said he had nothing to apologize for:

I have nothing for which to apologize. I did not want to sit down for anybody. I wanted just to pass the time and defend our 2 to 1. (sorry about the lousy Google translation.)

A grainy copy of the dance can be found here. There were better copies of it on youtube yesterday, but copyright restrictions have dictated that most of them have been taken down. This one is in slow motion, which somehow makes it even stranger, yet more mesmerizing.

Mutu also briefly addressed a number of other points in the interview, including AC Milan (he says they are stronger, but Fiorentina is hungrier) and the interest big clubs, like Roma and Real Madrid, have in his services (flattering, he says, but he is happy in Florence.)

He closes by saying the Viola do not want another “Luca Toni” (by which he means a big star leaving) and the interviewer wonders if he will witness Mutu and Toni meeting again, perhaps in the UEFA cup final. One can only hope.