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Viola: News and Notes

Just a few things today as we get ready for another night under the lights in Europe….

- I was pretty bummed out over the weekend, with Fiorentina blowing it and all, at Atalanta. But I’ve been a bit re-energized by the certainty coming from other quarters about Fiorentina’s demise. (RomaChris, for instance, has “penciled in” Milan for the fourth Champions League spot.) I say: Bah! The Viola aren’t front runners, anyway. We’re the little guy who surprises you. Suddenly I feel a little more hopeful about the last few months of the season. As long as we win on Sunday.

- Lost in my obsessive worrying about their Series A standing has been the fact that Fiorentina has a UEFA Cup match on Thursday with Rosenborg in the lovely tropical village of Lerkendal, Norway. In this article from, Sebastien Frey says that Fiorentina will continue to do well in the tournament because they take it more seriously than do some rivals, who view it as little more than a consolation for not making the CL. I hope they stay in, of course, although it would be nice if I could see one or two UEFA cup matches on regular TV. Anyway, the first leg is this Thursday and the second is next Thursday back at the Artemio Franchi. I will probably write something up after the game, but I will not be watching/recapping it, as part of an experiment to see if Fiorentina always lose when I recap a match.

- It looks like Mutu will be back for the Rosenborg match, although Liverani will probably held out until Sunday’s game with Catania. The report can be found here.