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Viola News and Notes

I am super-swamped at work today as we gear up for the holidays, so forgive me for throwing up this quick recap of what’s been going on in the truly important world of Fiorentina…

News Flash # 1: Fiorentina knocked out of the Coppa Italia.

News Flash # 2: I don’t give a shit.

Look, I would always rather see our boys win rather than lose. Always. But the Coppa Italia is easily the least important of the three competitions we were still involved in, and if being knocked out means more rest for the team as they face two difficult and IMPORTANT competitions, so be it. Frankly, I would have rather had the three points from the league match when we faced Torino two weeks ago (which we got) than the win on Wednesday. Obviously the game meant something to the Great Man, who was forced to start Gila and Mutu up front with Pazz and Osvaldo out injured, but I’m not losing any sleep.

My only comment from the match itself, which was dull, dull, dull? I didn’t like Jovetic’s play AT ALL. He was inattentive on the ball, didn’t make the smart pass and didn’t make the same devastating runs off the ball he did earlier in the season. He’s still my precious, but I am a touch worried.

Other thoughts…

• The UEFA Cup Draw was announced today, and we got Ajax. I have heard that this is not a great draw. I don’t know. As some of you know, I watch a LOT of Italian football, and a little bit of the English and Spanish league. I don’t know Ajax from PSV from a hole in the wall, so I can’t make much of a pronouncement on what this means for us. I will have much more, of course, as we get closer to the actual match.

• The Pazzini nonsense continues. The latest rumors have him going to Palermo or Samp. Who knows? This will beat to death before we get to January 1.

• I will not be able to get you a preview of the Samp match before Sunday due to various obligations. A decent enough one can be found bother here and here. Still, the least I can do is offer a prediction. I say the boys win 2-1, and have a nice holiday season.

Take care, guys. I will be back with a wrap-up of the match on Sunday night!

Forza Viola!