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We're Done Screwing Around


It's off to Sicily this Sunday, where The Viola will face off with Catania and try to give the fans in front of their TVs, as well as the loyal supporters who made the trip to Sicilia, something to cheer about.

As I mentioned yesterday, Fiorentina's still looking for their second win of the season, and though that shouldn't be too big of a problem, I doubt tomorrow will be the day we Viola fans will get that 12-goal difference win; after their slightly disappointing trip in Dutch territory this Wednesday, the team is bound to be a little tired. In addition to that, half of The Prands's brain is concentrated beyond the immediate task, as the Roma game approaches...on Wednesday.

Come on, why don't we throw a couple of Coppa Italia matches in there too? Let's see how long the players can stand up for. It'll be fun!

Turnover? I like to call it "game management". -Prandelli, when asked about Sunday's anti-Catania formation.

Gotta love that Cesare. Anyway, here are the squads for tomorrow:

Catania: Babu’, Baiocco, Bigianti, Bizzarri, Colucci, Edusei, Gazzola, Izco, Martinez,, Mascara, Minelli, Morimoto, Cardini, Polito, Sabato, Sardo, Silvestri, Spinesi, Stovini,Tedesco, Terlizzi, Vargas

Fiorentina: Balzaretti, Dainelli, Donadel, Frey, Gamberini, Gobbi, Kroldrup, Kuzmanovic, Liverani, Lupatelli, Lupoli, Montolivo, Mutu, Osvaldo, Pazienza, Pazzagli, Pazzini, Potenza, Santana, Semioli, Ujfalusi, Vieri.

The possible formations:

(right to left)

Catania (4-2-3-1)


Silvestri; Terlizzi; Stovini; Vargas

Baiocco; Edusei

Babu'; Tedesco; Mascara


Fiorentina (4-3-3)


Ujfalusi; Dainelli; Gamberini; Balzaretti

Montolivo; Donadel; Kuzmanovic

Semioli; Pazzini; Mutu

Mind, there's still quite a few uncertainties, we might see Vieri and Pazzini up top together and switch to a 4-4-2 (unlikely), and if Santana recovers completely from the hits he's been taking, he could give Semioli a rest on the right. Gobbi and Pazienza will also attempt to take away a starting-XI jersey from Kant-Quite-Score-Kuzmanovic. If he doesn't start, though, I suspect it'll be to let him save his energy for the Roma game. Kuzco's been impressive regardless of his misunderstandings with the goal line.

The Predictions

Catania looks nothing like the team that last year threatened to steal a UEFA Cup spot (prior to the well-known Catania-Palermo incident), with just 2 points earned, 2 goals scored and 4 allowed; however, we all know that underestimating an opponent can bring about some nasty surprises *cough* Groningen! *cough*.

But seriously, they're really not the most fearsome of adversaries. The boys just have to be determined and concentrated, especially the back line, for I don't think the offensive section of our team will have too many problems piercing through the 4-goals-allowed-in-3-games defense.

Final score: 1-2 (Fiorentina); Pazzini (22), Mascara (49), Kuzco (82)

Man Of The Match: Kuzmanovic

I couldn't find any streamings of the match, but then again I really am not an expert on the subject. Actually, if somebody knows of one I'd appreciate it if you could share the information for other Viola fans. Thanks in advance, and FORZA VIOLA!