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Ok, Now We're Ready to Kick Some Ass...Right?


Fiorentina Thursday returned from their first UEFA Cup outing of the season, in Groningen, against Groningen, with a lukewarm 1-1. The general opinion of the soccer world, or at least those of them that care about the *scoff* UEFA Cup, otherwise known as the Champions League's less talented little brother, found it to be a good result for Fiorentina, who managed to tie an away game without spending an unnecessary amount of energy.

Yet here's my problem...

We played against FREAKING GRONINGEN! I thought it was the name of some Belgian cheese before I found out we (and when I say we I mean the players, but we fans are like part of the team. Except we're not. Dammit, it's a metaphor, people) were playing against them.

But okay, one should never underestimate any team. Even if their name is...

Well, the point is that one of the premier teams in the Serie A, both historically and presently, as they will be fighting for a CL spot in a league boasting the likes of The Italian National Samba Association, Argentina F.C., JailBirds United, and A.C. "We're Too Damn Good for Domestic Trophies CL Here We Come" Milan, can't beat a mid-table Eredivisie team.

Sure, I know this isn't a big deal from a statistical standpoint. We got the tie with minimal effort, but if there's need we'll shift into fifth gear and kick their asses. But the point is that other than the Empoli game, we haven't won a game yet this season. The Milan tie was good, but we could have even squeezed in a win. The Atalanta game was a gigantic load of Buffalo Manure, and I believe that we fans deserved a rousing, solid, spectacular win in Holland, just as a reminder that this team is not to be joked around with, and to instill some adrenaline and confidence into the hearts of the fans, and hell, even the players.

Here are the highlights. The overall feel is that a tie was the fair result, seeing as the teams mainly controlled one half each.

Points of Interest:

1.) Vieri really wanted to score, just look at his expression at 1:32; he could practically taste the goal. He got the start over Pazzini and wanted to renew the faith given to him by Prandelli. I wouldn't worry, he'll have lots of chances.

2.) Groningen actually played really nicely, especially during the first half. I definitely have to give them credit for how they played, regardless of what I may have possibly said about them.

3.) Where the hell did Bruno Silva come from? Don't ask Pasqual, he still has a headache. Silva is a 27 year-old Uruguayan Right-back who is responsible for many of The Groonies' offensive advances (first play in the highlight reel). Perhaps The Prands+Pants were just as impressed with him as everyone else seemed to be...

4.) Nice play on the tying goal. Attaboy Pazzo. Attaboy Franco.

5.) OH Come on Kuzco! I know we didn't deserve to win, but since when is life fair?!

I guess the Viola's triumphant return to European Soccer (after six years) will be postponed for a few weeks.