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The Boys Are Back. Well, Vieri Anyway.


All right guys, I know there must not be many of the readers I was starting to draw to the blog left, and I am incredibly sorry for neglecting the blog like this. Being a college undergrad I am subject to many different burdens, including but not limited to: going to classes, studying, partying, suffering incredibly intense hangovers, etc. Anyway, now that I've settled myself into a sort of equilibrium here, I should manage to keep the blog running with a reasonable amount of continuity.

Serie A's Back Biatches

Finally, after the less-than-exhilarating Nazionale outings, I was hoping to take away the bad taste from my mouth with a solid Viola win. Alas, Riccardo Zampagna wasn't game. Dammit, why do you have to be such a party pooper Ricky?

Right, so, quick recap. I actually wasn't able to see the game. I'm not a fan of streaming-the thought of seeing the game with 5 minutes delay bothers me. I did see Rai International's Giostra dei Gol, which is a soccer program which shows one game and has constant updates from the other fields, when there's a goal or penalty. Well, on the whole it seems we deserved to win that game, having controlled it most of the time and wasting a lot of goal-scoring opportunities (I'm looking at you, Kuzmanovic). The first goal was in the Viola's favor, and looked more like a pinball sequence than a soccer play, the ball bouncing off of just about every player on the field, most of the bench, and even some spectators before somehow ending up in the opponents' goal. The referee then tossed a coin and declared it an own goal. Cristiano Doni brought it to 1-1, and Vieri headed the goal of the temporary lead in before Zampagna came up with a, I admit, very nice semi-bicycle kick to tie it up for good.

Wait a minute. Vieri? THE Christian Vieri? Damn straight. Surely the most positive note of an otherwise discordant afternoon. Jumping majestically, higher than any other player on the pitch, forcefully, yet gracefully, like a swan (this is the first and last time you'll hear me compare Vieri to a swan, I swear), he proceeded to knock it into the top corner of the net with Richter-force power. Anyway he really looked like the Vieri of old in that play. Voices are floating that The Prands might start both he and Pazzini at the same time. Don't know how much weight one should put on that, personally I think they'd trip over each other's feet. Anyway, having Vieri back to a nice fraction of the form he used to have would be really great. He could provide an unparalleled presence up top and take this team to new heights.

Back tomorrow with a Groningen preview, because we're all reeeaally scared of them. What? Of course I'm not being sarcastic.