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Slow, Slow Saturdays (and some somersaults)

Obinna_SomersaultAnd you wonder why I want Obinna... we need a guy with such acrobatic capabilities on our team don't you think? I mean, it's come down to getting Victor or teaching Pazzini to do somersaults.

Think about that for a second or two...

Obinna? I thought so.

I still think Victor Nsofor will wear a Viola shirt by the August 31st, but as you may already have understood, wingers are the least of my worries. Motta's hypothetical arrival in Florence, which was given as a sure deal just a few days ago, is now looking quite doubtful. Which is a pity, because it could have turned out to be a great buy. Sure, we bought approximately 67.3 central midfielders this offseason, but 67 of them are under 20 years old.

The alternatives? None that I've heard of of, and that's a little preoccupying. We're rapidly approaching the end of the transfer market without having bought a strong presence in midfield. This is when you start to regret missing out on the various Ahmed Apimah Barussos of the world.

Other Shize
  • Brazilian midfielder Guilherme Raymundo Do Prado has been loaned off to Serie B mainstay Spezia. Do Prado was "very happy" for the opportunity. Whatever rocks his boat.
  • Stuttgart offensive mid Sami Khedira won't be allowed to leave the defending German Champions (how did that happen?) for less than 10 million euros. Hasta la vista, Sami.
  • Matteo Ferrari is having renewal problems with Roma. That and he feels underappreciated. Aww. I'd say this could be a great opportunity seeing as his contract expires next year, but if what he's currently getting at Roma isn't enough for him, I doubt what Pantaleo could offer would appease him. We need a CB, though, in my opinion.

In synthesis: our crazy-low wage limits are killing many transactions while still in the embryonic stage; that's actually the reason Motta probably won't come. But that's ok, there's many adolescent midfielders out there, waiting for Corvino with open arms.