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Calciomercato Overview

fiorentinaHey guys, it's been a really long time since my last post, and that is something I'm sorry about. I've been real busy and not been home much at all, but hopefully this post discontinuity will not happen again anytime soon.

So, the new Serie A season is finally upon us! After a summer of joy, disappointment, rapture, desperation, and general madness, we will be able to end the speculations and observe the only way in which a team can truly be sized up: playing the game (Calciopoli pending).

During the period of post-less days, a few Mercato moves have happened, and deserve mentioning.

We bought Daniele Cacia from Piacenza on a co-ownership for 4 million. This could be a huge buy or a relative nonfactor. Seems to be a common theme of the Viola transfer season. We'll leave him at Piacenza till January, when he will join the violet jerseys for good. I'm happy about having him regardless of the uncertainties around his Serie A experience (none). Fingers crossed.

Gamberini renewed his contract till 2011. Good news, we need he and Dainelli to focus on the game this season, too many things can go wrong with our defense this season.

Moratti's a douche. But you already knew that.

The Prands asked for a winger, The Pants promised him one. We didn't get one, and when fans asked Corvino what was going on, he said they're done buying people. The fans said "Oh, yeah, suuure. Done buying people. Ok, we believe you *wink, smile*." The Pants responded to this highly sarcastically statement with a nervous, slightly high-pitched laugh.

When Di Natale realized Fiorentina wasn't happening, he was quick to get on his knees and grovel (I'm assuming groveling is all he did) and beg for forgiveness. Precisely the day after Pozzo threatened to sit him out the entire season. Euro 2008 coming up. Smart move.

We got some kids with mad skills, but how much impact they'll make this season is really hard to say. They may have twice the talent of some other guys, but experience does weigh a lot. And they don't have much of that.

Calciomercato's still not over though, you never know. I think someone else will come by the 31st.

Season preview tomorrow.