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A Week in Review

Adrian_MutuHello all, I know it's been a while since I last posted but, as I mentioned in my last post's comment thread, I am not currently in my WWW-friendly home, and a connection that is just a bit faster than a handicapped sloth is hard to come by.

Luckily for me, as a blogger, but not for me as a fan, not much happened this last week in Viola-world. To cap it off quickly and smoothly, Quaresma is as close to coming to Firenze as Sanjaya is to unleashing a double-platinum album (40m euros is Porto's request. And Sanjaya can't sing. Ain't happening), Moratti is a dickwad, and now we're probably going to end up buying a most obscure French winger. Is it just me, or is the current Euro-market policy "When all else fails, Ligue 1 is there"? More on possible semi-obscure wingers when I get back (Monday). Also, Maxi Rodriguez is fading away. Atletico want too much moolah for him, and they don't even want to sell him in the first place. Plus, Maxi actually wants something that resembles a professional contract. Who the hell does he think he is anyway? Mark Gonzalez's name is also slipping into oblivion. Seems as though sports journalists have finally caught on to the fact that he was sold to Real Betis a month and a half ago.

So, right as the Obinna rumors finally started to materialize, Inter seems to have told his Verona-based bitches (Chievo, for those unfamiliar with the team's geographical location) not to sell him to Fiorentina for any reason. To this I say, Moratti: take that stick out of your ass and find a purpose to your life other than screwing people over. There, I feel better.

On to Possibly Less Curse-Word-Evoking News

Fiorentina today played a friendly with Tuscan Serie D squad Viareggio. Our boys won 2-0, both goals of Mutu's making, including a missed penalty by our favorite coked-up Romanian. Game notes: Kuzmanovic apparently played superbly, as well as Liverani, and Vieri and Lupoli both created goal-scoring opportunities upon their being subbed in during the second half. Overall Viola domination. Here is a play-by-play of the game. For some reason, the first Mutu goal is not mentioned, though they give the score as 2-0. I might be wrong, but I triple checked. Probably a glitch.

Hoping for more Viola news during my trip back home, I'll set the date for my definite return to blogging duties to Monday. Ta-ta till then!