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De Zerbi and Fiorentina would fit each other quite well

The Sassuolo boss looks like a perfect fit for the Viola, so let’s imagine how the team would line up and play on his watch.

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NOI STIAMO CON ROCCO - We stand in support of Rocco Commisso and Fiorentina in their effort to build

ACCVC and ATF organize a movement to convince Mayor Nardella and the city of Firenze to act in the best interest of club and city

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Report: Fiorentina open talks with De Zerbi for next season

The current Neroverdi boss ticks a number of boxes for an exciting young Viola side.

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Serie A set to resume on 20 June and asdfhsdfljherljhasdljfhljdfgpq

This is the headline we’ve been waiting to write for a long, long time.

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Fiorentina and Florence might be heading for a messy divorce over new stadium

It sounds like matters may be reaching the boiling point as the local government continues to slow play a new home for the Viola.

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This stream has:

Bosman brainstorming: Possible free signings for Fiorentina in the summer of 2020

A position-by-position breakdown of free agents who could fit into the Viola plans.

The Andrea Belotti Effect

If Belotti comes, what other changes does this move bring?

I asked my wife to guess the age of every Fiorentina player

She got some of them dead on. She got others of them, hm, not quite as dead on.

Match Coverage

Heaving a sigh and joining in the Marvel theme week

SB Nation suggested this and we don’t have anything else to write about at the moment, so here you go.

Friday poll: How did training go?

Fiorentina returned to the Centro Davide Astori today for the first time in months.

Special Features

New Serie A rules should lead to fascinating new tactics and familiar refereeing

We’re really intrigued to see how every team, particularly Fiorentina, adjusts to the changes.

Fiorentina Transfer News & Rumors

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Your VN virtual happy hour is this Saturday

Bust out your finest Viola shirts and drinks.

Latest News

3 Fiorentina players test positive for coronavirus

A total of six Viola employees came up asymptomatic as the team prepares to return to training.

Fiorentina and Roma considering a swap of surplus leftbacks

More than anything else, it shows the type of business we could see this summer.

Surprise! We talked with Rocco and it was awesome and you should listen

Here’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to this website.

Join us for a Viola Nation virtual happy hour

Tell us when you’re free and buckle in for Saturday.

Tune into Viola Station again

We have cast another pod.

Bosman brainstorming: 5 wingers Fiorentina could sign

Not sure that Fiorentina even need wingers, considering their current formation, but adding good players is always good.

How to figure out which player’s shirt to get

We made a flowchart and it’s only got one wrong answer.

Bosman brainstorming: 5 central midfielders Fiorentina could sign

Even in what looks like a stacked engine room, there’s always room for another piston.

BatiGol Weekly 255: Wrapped up in books

In which we discuss reading, Serie A teams, and recommendations.

Serie A sets dates to begin training again

We’re getting to the point of maybe starting to begin planning to think about initiating the first phases of resuming calcio.

Bosman brainstorming: 2 leftbacks Fiorentina could sign this summer

This may be the least settled position on the Viola roster will definitely need some investment, and free is a pretty good initial payment.

Vlahović squashes rumors linking him to an exit this summer

When the Large Young Adult Man squashes something, it stays squashed.

3 reasons Fiorentina won’t accept Nainggolan in any swap for Chiesa

But one reason the Viola really, really should.

Bosman brainstorming: 5 rightbacks Fiorentina could sign

Despite spending big on the position last year, the Viola could still be in the market for a top-notch backup.

Commisso says he’ll never sell a player to Juventus

Rocco coming in hot and we love it.

Friday Poll: Should Fiorentina sell Chiesa this summer?

Wait, before you start with the pitchforks and torches, just hear us out...

Bosman brainstorming: 5 central defenders Fiorentina could sign this summer

With a talented trio at the back facing an uncertain future, this could wind up being an important area to address.

Bosman brainstorming: 5 goalies Fiorentina could sign this summer

Rocco Commisso has clearly demonstrated he doesn’t mind a big name on a free transfer.

BatiGol Weekly 254: Purple haze

In which we discuss nothing that has anything to do with today’s date, man. Get off our case, okay?

It’s a day ending in Y so it’s time for Federico Chiesa to leave again

As has been the case for the past couple of years, everyone’s reporting that Chiesa is leaving Florence.

Viola Nation has a podcast now

We got bored and did a thing.