Not another Teen Winger

Pantaleo Corvino

Sometimes we praise the leaders of our team. Other times, we question them. Other times still, we gather up a coalition of outraged fans and go to Firenze to carry out a coup d'eteam. The time is not yet ripe for such extreme methods, but I must admit that as of right now I am seriously questioning their sanity.

The Mercato Update

As always, Pantaleo and The Prands are on the lookout for players who are not quite independent from their pacifiers just yet. Today, they've reportedly set their sights on Stuttgart midfielder Sami Khedira. I can't pretend to know much about him, except that he's 20 years old, over 6 feet tall (1m 89), and seems to play as an offensive midfielder. I am still of the opinion that we badly need a powerful DM, and he's not it. Unless Prandelli plans to turn him into such, seeing as he's 20 years old and still adaptable.

Another youngster they're close to buying is Corinthians striker Willian (yes, with an 'n'). He is supposedly a teenage prodigy, being only 18 years old, and Fiorentina have placed a 6 million euro bid on him. 6 million euros?!?! I'm all for some gold-and-green representation on the team, but 6 million for an 18 year old who has never played outside of Brazil will only be understandable if he is the reincarnation of Romario. I'm guessing that if they do get him he'll be loaned out a couple of seasons at least, so he'll get some Italian experience and maybe citizenship or a work permit.

In what is maybe the most sensational Viola news of the last week, Fiorentina has offered 15 million euros to Atletico Madrid for winger Maxi Rodriguez. The deal will probably not go through because of the player's elevated contract demands, but that's beside the point. I ask, what is the point of spending such a sum on a winger, when we already have so many? I mean, there's Semioli, Santana, Jorgensen, the soon-to-be arrival of Victor Nsofor Obinna, Gobbi, and a few others, like Mutu, who can play that position. I'm all for talented stars coming to Fiorentina, and I was impressed by Maxi in the World Cup, but do we really need him? Mercato speculators claim he, or Ricardo Quaresma of Porto, could be the 'surprise' indicated by Pantaleo Corvino. Quaresma is an offensive mid whose pricetag is upwards of 18m and has Real Madrid and Chelsea on his tail. Ain't happenin'.

In much more logical news, Thiago Motta seems very close to wearing the Viola colors. This I am very happy about: a young, aggressive DM with extensive European experience for his age and lots of talent. Really, the reason why he isn't in the Barca starting eleven right now is because he's been set back by injuries. With the arrival of Yaya Toure' in Spain, Motta has very little space and is even attempting to annul his contract. He should come to Firenze for a measly sum, somewhere around 5 million euros.

At this point, I'm hoping for Motta and Obinna, as well as an experienced CB (Matteo Ferrari?). With these buys we should have a talented lineup, plus very decent depth.

Who knows, maybe that makes too much sense for Pantaleo. He's a great scout and does his job well, but I gotta say I strongly disagree with him if he really is planning to spend our remaining budget on a player who is not, by any means, necessary.

*Lyon is also on Willian-with-an-'n', and is looking to beat Fiorentina to him. Maybe there is something to him after all.

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